• My alarm is beeping! What do I do?

DSC: On your DSC panel you can find what issue the panel is having by hitting * 2 on the keypad. Older DSCs will have a number light up to show you the error code, newer panels will have text that you can scroll through to find the problem.

Light 1, Service required, press key 1 for more details, if number 1 light stays on the main battery backup needs replacing. If number 2 thru 8 comes on call for service.

Light 2, Power Off to alarm panel, (power off, breaker off, transformer bad or unplugged).

Light 3, Telephone Line Trouble, no phone line working on the alarm system phone jack.

Light 4, Failure to Communicate, on the last alarm the system could not make a call to the monitoring station, (this will only clear off after a successful alarm communication to the monitoring station).

Light 5, Zone Fault, press key 5 for more details, the zone light with fault will come on. A wireless device has not checked in, smoke det. missing, etc.

Light 6, Zone Tamper, press key 6 for more details, the zone with the tamper condition will come on. A wireless device has a cover not on, check the device cover.

Light 7, Wireless Device Low Battery, press key 7 for more details, the zone/s with a bad battery will come on, replace the zone device battery, then open door/window should clear this trouble. If no zone light comes on after pressing key 7, then it is a wireless four button remote keyfob that needs new batteries (usually 2, 2025 batteries). Should you have 2 or 3 remotes it would be wise to just change the batteries in all of them.

Light 8, Loss of Clock, the main panel internal clock is not set, (set the clock). To Set Clock: press * ,6, main code, 1, enter time (in military), then date, # to exit. format: HH:MM MM/DD/YY

-DSC User Manual

Honeywell: Press the * key to see status information.


If you get a Low Battery or Low Device Battery trouble, please give us a call @ 757-220-4300 and ask to schedule an appointment for us to replace the battery and test your system!

If you get a Loss of Communications or Phone Line Trouble see if your home phone works first, if not then your provider may be doing maintenance or you may be experiencing an outage. If your home phone is working, please call our office @ 757-220-4300 and speak with an operator to be walked through how to clear the code or schedule an appointment if the issue is not easily remedied.

If you get a No AC trouble either your Power is currently out or the device was unplugged from the wall. Most alarm panels have a large transformer plugged in to a wall receptacle. If you are unable to find it or the problem persists please don’t hesitate to call us @ 757-220-4400.

If you get a Loss of Clock trouble you can fix this easily! DSC walkthrough is located here. With your Honeywell panel all you would have to do is your code + #63 and follow the steps to change time.

  • How can I stop my alarm from ringing when I receive a telephone call?

If your panel is ringing when you receive a telephone call you can fix this by pressing FUNCTION + VOLUME + AUX on your keypad.

  • How can I log in to my Total Connect 2.0 account?

You should have received an email from Total Connect 2.0 when the alarm was first installed, from there you should be able to find the username, if you have lost your password Total Connect will allow you to use their Forgot Your Password options!

  • Why are my Smoke Detectors beeping?

Check to see if they are the household Smoke Detectors that were installed by your builder, if so then you need to replace the 9V battery inside the device. If it is our smoke the panel should have sent us a signal and should be showing up on your keypad. Give us a call @ 757-220-4300 to schedule an appointment and get this fixed.