We're carrying our legacy into the future

With over 40 years of experience, Kamco Services knows security. We pride ourselves on who we are,

as much as what we do. In her own words, Laura Kammer, third generation family member, tells of

the humble beginnings of our locally owned, family-run business.


“Prior to launching Kamco Services, my Grandfather, Dan Kammer Sr., was the Division Manager for  large pharmaceutical company. After an early retirement, he found himself less than satisfied with all of his newfound time. It was then that he decided to start a fire extinguisher company – which entailed servicing and selling fire extinguishers out of his garage. As you can imagine, my Grandma quickly put an end to this.


After finding a location to run his business, things began to take off. He employed active firefighters while running the fire extinguisher business, which turned into fire alarms and security systems. My Grandfather identified a real need for this line of work in Williamsburg and was passionate about giving back to the community and the people he loved.


A few years later he came across an opportunity to acquire an answering service which in turn led to the ability to monitor the fire alarms and security systems. My Grandfather’s retirement hobby had turned into a career; and he was truly devoted. When his health began to decline, he simply worked from home – even until weeks before his passing.


When he passed, we had donations in his honor given to the local fire department. He worked closely with the individuals in the Williamsburg, James City and York County Fire Departments and to this day we still enjoy a great relationship with them.


I get a small rush when I see an ambulance or fire truck racing through town, thinking to myself, maybe Kamco dispatched that call and the possibility that we could be responsible for saving a life. One of my favorite parts of this job is meeting business owners and residents and hearing how they knew my Grandfather, and what a great man he was. It astounds me the number of people he was able to touch in this town and the respect he earned simply by doing what he loved.”

Laura Kammer, Vice President